Once you've built your Roster, you'll want to let staff know their shifts for the week. 

Publish Whole Roster

Either go to Rosters > Current Roster:

And then click on Publish Shifts in the top right corner:

Or you can click on Rosters > Browse Rosters, and click Send Roster directly next to the relevant roster:

In the Publish screen, the first step is to choose how you want to send the Roster:

  • Employee App: this will publish shifts on the App and notify staff if they have notifications on. This option can't be deselected.
  • Email or SMS: ensure there's a blue tick next to each option to select it

Next select who you want to notify. Staff who have shifts will appear in the list but may be unticked and have an exclamation mark next to their name if they are missing either an Email or Phone Number and you have selected that option in the first step. You can click on the icon next to their name to go to their profile to fix this up thought and then return back again by going to Rosters > Current Roster > Publish.

Staff who aren't rostered on won't show in the list or have any notification sent to them.

In the final step, you can add a custom message to be sent out to staff to be included with the Roster, this is especially useful for reminders and can be Team specific if you publish the roster per team, by only selecting that team in the step above. 

When you're ready, just click Publish Roster at the bottom and this will go out to staff.
Back in your Roster, once you've send it out, the Publish button will change to show you that all shifts for this Roster have been sent to staff:

When you add new shifts or change existing ones, the button will change back to Publish again. When you click on it you can either choose to publish just the changes or the entire roster again:

Publish One Day 

To publish just one day of the Roster, in Week view, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the relevant day and select Notify staff of Monday's shifts:

This will take you to the same Publish screen but only staff rostered on the relevant day, i.e Monday will appear and only those shifts will be contained in the Email, SMS or App notification.

Publish One Shift

To publish just one shift, in Week view, click the pencil icon on the relevant shift and select Publish shift:

This will take you to the same Publish screen but only that one employee and shift information will be contained in the Email, SMS or App notification. 

Print the Roster

To print a copy of the roster, click the print icon in the top right corner and you can select from the different options for how it displays:

You can also download the roster to Excel which is useful for further manipulating data. 

Evidence of Roster Sent

Published Rosters

Every time a roster is printed or published (SMS, Email, App), a snapshot is taken. To access this, in a roster, click on Tools > Published Rosters:

The list will show who was the creator, how it was published (Email/SMS), when this occurred, what period it covers and a copy of what the roster looked like at the time of this publishing. This is especially useful for tracking any changes made. 


The SMS Log is located under Settings in the top right hand corner of your account:

This will show the time the SMS was sent, the number, what was contained in the message and most importantly, the delivery status:

If staff say they haven't received their roster, a good place to start is:

  1. Checking the SMS Log
  2. Checking their mobile number - has it changed from what is in Tanda
  3. Are they in a bad reception area - as it might not have come through

If you would like further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or support@tanda.co

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