The Overtime Percentages Report helps you view ordinary vs overtime costs as well as ordinary vs overtime hours over a particular time period.

You can find Overtime Percentage Reporting under Reports and Cost Timelines:

Before running the report, ensure you have approved timesheets for the periods you want to include.

Overtime Percentages Report

Overtime percentage timelines can be organised in stacked or expanded view for Costs as well as Hours. To switch between the two views, select the Stacked or Expanded check circle in the top left hand section of each graph.

Stacked View For Hours

Expanded View for Hours

Choosing Your Date Range

To select which pay periods are included in the timeline click the calendar drop down box directly above the graph and select a pay period from the menu on the right, or select a custom date range from the calendars provided.

Including Oncosts

If you would like super, workcover and leave accrual costs to be included in the report, click the Include Oncosts menu and select Yes, otherwise select No.

Filtering Your Results

You can filter your wage cost by Location, Team, Award Tags and Permissions. To generate a wage cost report for a particular team, click on All Teams and select the team. You can apply different filters by clicking on them and selecting the filter type:

Loading, Saving and Exporting Reports

Use the Email or Print buttons to export a wage cost report or use the Load/Save reports drop down menu to Load/Save reports, and select a report to load or save. To have the report emailed to you at a regular interval click Email and select a time.

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