The Costs by Shift Team Report allows you to view wage costs of the team applied to individual timesheet shifts. 

You can find Costs by Team Reporting under Reports and Cost Reports:

Costs by Shift Team Report

Comparing Timesheets and Rosters

If you’re wanting to compare against a roster, ensure you have created a roster for the time period you want to compare. Also ensure you have approved all timesheets for the time period. To change between report types click Compare With and select the report type you would like to see.

Including Oncosts

If you would like super, workcover and leave accrual costs to be included in the report, click the Include Oncosts menu and select Yes, otherwise select No.

Filtering Your Results

You can filter your wage cost by clicking on the filters and selecting an option. To generate a wage cost report for a particular team, click on All Teams and select the team. You can apply different filters by clicking on them and selecting the filter type.

Team Breakdown

If you see No Team on the report, this means a field has been left blank on a timesheet. You can click on this to see who it relates to and then check their timesheet.

The Costs by Shift Team Report will break down each cost centre for the time period and also the total costs for all cost centres. To change one or both columns to a different pay period click on the Pay Period (e.g. Jan 4, 2016 - Jan 10, 2016) and select the start and end dates from the Calendar view.

Loading, Saving and Exporting Reports

Use the Email, Download and Print buttons to export the report or use the Load/Save reports drop down menu to save your configuration or load a previous report.

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