Avoid manual data entry by connecting your payroll system and importing timesheets from Tanda. Whether you are using a desktop or cloud payroll system, Tanda can connect to most modern accounting packages to quickly import timesheets, track your costing and ensure staff are paid correctly.

To connect your payroll file, in Tanda go to Settings > Add-Ons > Payroll & Accounting:

If you have not connected an account before, you should see a blank page here.

To add a new payroll file to Tanda, click the green "Add Payroll Integration" button in the top right hand corner.

From here, select your payroll system from the list. If you cannot see your payroll software listed, click "Show More" below for a list of less commonly used packages that Tanda integrates with.

If you are using a Cloud payrol software such as Xero or MYOB AccountRight Live, you will be prompted to authorise your account.

Once authorised, click on the payroll integration and check your integration settings. If you pay out of one company file, ensure "Applies To" is set to "Everyone". If you use Tracking Categories in Xero, ensure the tracking category name and default option are set, otherwise leave these fields blank. If you want Tanda to automatically import new staff profiles, tick this option at the bottom and save your settings.

If you are using a desktop payroll system such as MYOB AccountRIght or Reckon, you will not need to authorise Tanda to access these systems. Simply ensure "Applies To" is set to "Everyone" to ensure Tanda can pay all staff into this file.

Need help connecting your payroll system or working with a payroll system that we don't currently integrate with? Let the team know at support@tanda.co or via 1300 859 117.

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