You'll need to setup and configure Leave in Tanda so your staff can select the correct Leave Types when they request Leave and so it exports correctly to your Payroll system.

To access Leave in Tanda, go to Payroll > Leave Types

If you're viewing this page for the first time, you will have some default leave types including Annual Leave and Personal Carer’s Leave. These will be set to apply to all staff so may need to configured to reflect your business.

Delete Unused Leave Type

We recommend the first step is to delete any default Leave Types in your account that you don't use in your business or you will process in your Payroll & Accounting system. Some leave such as Maternity Leave or Long Service Leave is easier to pay directly in your Payroll system as it isn't Timesheet dependant. 

To remove, just click the trash can icon on the end of the row where the leave name is listed:

Configuring Leave

The next step is to configure existing default Leave Types or create new ones. 

To edit existing default Leave Types, click on the name. In this example, we'll use Annual Leave. You can keep the name as Annual Leave, if your business refers to it as Holiday Pay you can type this instead.

In the Export name, select where you want this to go to in your Payroll system. For Live systems (such as Xero and MYOB ARL), you can click the drop-down to select the name. For other systems, type the name exactly as it spelled for it to match up.

If you pay Leave Loading, you may see a second export name field visible, this is where you will select or enter the name in your Payroll system for this field:

Next down, you will see the Award Template. In most scenarios, this can be left to apply to All Staff. You would set this as Award specific, if you need staff to export to different export names. 

Next, set when you want the leave to apply, for the majority of Leave this will be any day, but you can also only apply Weekdays if you don't have Leave on Weekends:

If you have a business that counts paid leave on weekends, you will also need to ensure this is enabled in your Settings. You'll need to go to Settings > General Settings > Time Off tab and tick Cost leave requests on weekends:

Next, set who the leave should apply to. If you keep this as All Staff, everyone will be able to see the leave type. Even though Casuals should know they can't apply for paid leave, it's good to see the Leave Type to only apply to say, Salaried, Full Time and Part Time, so casuals can't see it:

Finally, set the Pay rate multiplier. This will be set to 1 or 1.175 if you have Leave Loading:

To configure the leave type not to export to your payroll software, as in the case of unpaid leave, select the Do Not Export option, otherwise leave unticked.

Click Update at the bottom to save any changes. 

You can repeat this process for any other Leave types that you want to use in Tanda.  

If you would like further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or 

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