If you are using a Tanda Managed Template for your Modern Award , once you have configured your staff and approved timesheets and you’re ready to do your first export, you’ll need to configure your Payroll System to match with Tanda.

What this means is that, instead of the existing Pay Items or Payroll Categories that you might currently be using in your Payroll System, Tanda will automatically create (if you’re using a Live Version) or you will need to create new Payroll Categories to match with the Tanda template.

Benefits to this are:

  • Fewer Payroll Categories to Manage : Tanda works on a base rate for staff and then uses multipliers for overtime. This means that, as opposed to having a payroll category for each age group and level, Tanda just uses one so if a staff changes age or level, you don’t have to assign them several new payroll categories, you just change their rate (or in the Live version it will automatically be done for you.)
  • Making Updates to Fair Work changes consistent : when Fair Work makes changes to the Award, Tanda will update this automatically. If you’re using a Live Version of your Payroll, this will push through automatically. If you’re using a desktop version, you can just use a report that we give you to make those changes as opposed to having to work out which categories from Tanda match your own.

Xero and MYOB Live:

Until you are ready to export from Tanda, we advise leaving your pay items as they are. But if you are ready to do your first export, go to Payroll and Payroll Manager and click on Manage Award (under My Awards, far end of the row):

Click the green Enable award management in Xero or MYOB Live. This will then take about 5 minutes to create these new pay items in your Payroll Software.

You will then be able to do your first export to your Payroll Software.

MYOB Desktop:

Creating the new Payroll Categories in MYOB from Tanda should only take you about 15-20 minutes at most. Tanda provide a full report on what to do:

Go to Payroll and Payroll Manager and click on Manage Award :

Click the green Get MYOB AccountRight configuration report and it will open on screen:

You have the option of printing the report, if you find it easier to have in front of you while entering it in MYOB. Otherwise if you are going between the two, save typing you can click COPY and it will copy the text for you. You will need to ensure you spell it exactly the way it is laid out in Tanda, including spacing.

You only need to create in your MYOB the categories that you will use. So if you don’t have casuals or don’t work weekends, then don’t add those. You also might not need to create any allowances if you don’t use those either.

Next, check everyone’s rates at the bottom of the report match up with those you have in MYOB. Tanda works off a base rate and then adds 25% loading for casuals, so you might need to change casuals rates back to their base rate if you were previously using the loaded rate in MYOB.

You will then be able to start Approving Timesheets and checking how the Award applies on Timesheets and work towards your first export to your Payroll Software. Have a read on how to do this in Tanda.

If you get stuck at any point, please just email support@tanda.co and we can assist.

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