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One in 3 UK employees is paid using Sage50 Payroll. This guide describes how to speed up the process by importing your timesheets automatically.

Exporting you Sage50 Import Template

Before exporting Tanda needs to know what each of your timesheet categories is referred to as. 

Open up your sage50 Payroll File and go to TimeSheet entry. 

You will be presented with this screen. Click Create Template  then save and open the template.

Trouble Shooting

The Sage50 import will not work if you have / in the name of any of your pay elements. i.e. Time and 1/2 will raise an error. If you do have pay elements that contain slashes you will need to change them to remove this. 

Setting the correct Export Names in Tanda

You will need to set up Tanda to automatically create a file that matches the Sage50 export template.

This mainly requires you to map the Pay Element Name in Sage50 to the Export Name of the Tanda pay rule. 

You can find your Tanda pay rules under Payroll > Award Rules.

Exporting Base Hours or Normal hours 

In Tanda click on Payroll > Award Rules

Select Base Hourly 

Update the export name field to exactly match the name of the pay element from the Sage50 template you just created. 

Scroll to the bottom and click save

If you don't have any overtime hours, then this is all you will need to do. 

If you do need to set up some overtime, check out this article about making rules or ask us for more information here.  

In Tanda

You should have done this when you imported your staff from Sage50, but if you didn’t, you’ll need to ensure that all your staff in Tanda have and Payroll ID which matches the Employee Refernce in Sage50. 

In Tanda, this is done in Staff > My Team > click on staff member’s name to go to their profile and click on the Payroll tab. The MYOB Card ID should be in the Employee ID field.

In Sage50, the Employee Reference is located in the first column by default. 

Once you have your employee ID set up for all staff, and you’ve approved all your timesheets and configured Tanda for your payroll, you can now export the timesheets to Sage50

In Timesheets click the Export to Payroll link.

You will be taken to the Timesheet Export Preview page. Here any errors on your timesheets will be flagged. You can easily check each timesheet and when you are ready to export click Export Timesheets.

When you click the button, choose Sage 50, a file will be downloaded to your computer. The file has the extension .csv . Save this somewhere on your computer where you can easily find it again.

Importing into Sage 50

Click on the File > Data Import>Import Sage Payroll data then Click Next  and select Timesheets Payments:

Select Browse, you’ll be prompted to choose a file. Choose the file you downloaded from Tanda and select Finish.

Sage will attempt to import the file. Select Print > Finish. To view trhe import log. 

You can email a copy of the Sage50 Log to Tanda at for us to assist you with the errors, otherwise we’ll provide some basic troubleshooting below.

Processing Payroll

You can then process your payroll in Sage50 the same way you normally would. 

At the end confirm that the Gross Payment matches the Gross payment expected in Tanda. 

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