Allowances can be used to provide the employee with an additional amount if a particular employment condition occurs on the timesheet.  Using this form you can name the allowance and select the relevant option to link this to your payroll system.

You can create two types of allowances: manual or automatic.

Manual allowances require detail on who it will apply to and the rate to be paid. This will only apply when you add it to the timesheet (see How to Enter an Allowance on Timesheets) . A common example is the travel allowance where the distance traveled (i.e. kilometers) is manually entered on the timesheet.

Automatic allowances apply whenever the conditions specified on the form are met, including factors such as the day, time, and type of shift. For example, an employee can receive the laundry allowance for every shift they work. 

Both manual and automatic allowances require a rate to be specified, which can either be a specific cost (e.g. dollar amount) or multiplier (calculated with the employee's base hourly rate). Refer to your Award and the form's help text to decide which is the correct option for the allowance.

The form has help text to help you understand the detail required at each option. If you do require ant assistance, please contact Support at

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