A key benefit to using Tanda’s Managed Award Templates is that we figure out what the employee is required to be paid at the end of the week or fortnight. This means that all you are required to do is check for any anomalies in the employee’s timesheets and if the wage costing produced in Tanda matches your understanding of the applicable Modern Award.

Tanda presents the employee’s pay entitlements in an easy to understand manner. The key areas you should look at when checking employees timesheets is using the Weekly or Fortnightly Timesheet view.

Timesheet Export Summary

At the bottom of the employee’s timesheet, you will see a timesheet export summary box. This provides a summary of the timesheet including:

  • Total amount to be paid for the pay period;
  • allowances;
  • if the rate pay is counted as ordinary or non-ordinary hours
  • differences in calculating Full Time, Part Time and Casual rates of pay; and
  • what rate of pay is applying to the period of time (i.e. multiplier).

If you read what Award Rule is applying to the timesheet, this will give you an indication of the Modern Award conditions being applied. For example, the award rule may be called ‘1.1.1 FT & PT - Weekday Ordinary Hours’.

Timesheet Award Chart

This chart summarises what is in the Timesheet Export Summary. A changes in colour on the Award chart show when the employee is receiving a different rate of pay.

The change may be due to award conditions including the total number of hours worked, the time of day or weekend penalty rates. Award conditions will differ according to the industry, Modern Award template applied and employee classification.

Application of Award Template Conditions

We have automated the conditions of your relevant Modern Award in our Award Templates, which is updated if any changes are released by the Fair Work Ombudsman and Fair Work Commission. It will be beneficial to get into the practice of checking the dollar amount that the employee will be receiving when processing your pay at the end of each week/fortnight.

If you have any questions regarding the application of the Modern Award conditions, you will need to contact your Onboarding Consultant on 1300 859 117 for further clarification.

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