If when exporting timesheets you receive an "unknown error" for your staff, Tanda may be having problems communicating with Xero. 

The majority of the time, this can be fixed by connecting and reconnecting your Xero account from Tanda.

Go to Settings > Add-ons > Payroll and accounting. Under Xero, click on the box to disconnect existing account and click Update Settings at the bottom (green button).

Once the settings are successfully updated, click on Xero and connect to your account again.

If this does not fix the issue, Xero may be experiencing a fault or doing maintenance on their API, meaning Tanda cannot communicate with your Xero account. For more information you can check the Xero Platform Status page, which will inform you of any discovered issues in their API. If the status page indicates no issue, the issue may as yet be undiscovered on the Xero end, or an issue with Tanda communicating with your Xero account. 

If no issues are discovered on the Xero platform, please contact Tanda support at support@tanda.co or on 1300 859 117 and we will work to resolve the issue. 

For added support, you can authorise a Tanda representative to view your Xero account to help in resolving the integration issue. See the following help guide for further information. 

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