This article helps you fix the following errors:

  • Tanda couldn't find (name) in Xero.

This means the employee in question couldn’t be found in Xero. 

If you already have the employee in Xero, double check:

1. Their employment start date is set to a date prior to the first day of the timesheet period. 

2. Their email address is the same in both systems.

If the employee is not already in Xero, you should create them as a payroll employee, and assign them to a payroll calendar.

To do this on Xero, go to Payroll > Employees > Add Employee

After saving the employee details, go to the employment tab and choose the correct payroll calendar. Don’t forget to save it.

After you have added the staff to Xero, come back to Tanda, and do another timesheet export.

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