This article helps you fix the following errors:

  • Some earnings rates were not found in Xero

This means that the Earning Rate for your employees’ award is not properly set in Xero. Usually this happens if an award name in Tanda does not match the corresponding pay item in Xero. Note that the names are case sensitive. For example, if you name the award rule in Tanda “Hourly rate”, but it is named “hourly rate” in Xero, then they may not match.

Here’s how to fix it:

Go to Settings > Pay Items > Earnings in Xero.

Go to Payroll > Award Rules in Tanda.

Ensure that the names of earnings rates in Xero match the export names (or regular names) of award rules in Tanda. If some don’t match, you can update the export names like so:

If you continue to have errors after trying this, contact Tanda support.

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