If Tanda says someone's leave/timesheets have exported fine, but you can’t see them in Xero or MYOB, here's a few things to check.

1. Ensure names match

Under the payroll tab, Tanda will include the employee's name in MYOB or Xero. Ensure that this matches their name in Tanda, otherwise it may have created timesheets under the wrong payroll system profile.

If these names don't match, check that the employee has the same email in Tanda and the payroll system. Different emails can cause problems in syncing profiles.

If 2 or more employees are using the same address in Xero or MYOB, then the timesheet may not get exported properly. Ensure that you have unique email address for all your employees and match them up with Tanda to avoid this issue.

2. Check start dates

Check that the employee's start date in Xero is before the date of the timesheets you are trying to export. For example, if their first shift in Tanda is on 27 September, their start date in Xero would need to be 26 September (or earlier) - they can't be the same day.

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