Configuring MYOB

Before exporting, you just need to ensure you have the following setup in MYOB:

Timesheets turned on:

  • Under Setup, click on Preferences and then under the System tab (first one by default), ensure you have ticked I Use Timesheets for Payroll and my Week Starts on a….:

Removed Standard Pay (not for Salaried):

Some businesses uses Standard Pay hours to make processing pay quicker. As we’re sending timesheet hours from Tanda, if you have Standard Pay hours as well, you’ll be doubling up. You’ll want to remove this for all Full Time, Part Time and Casual Staff:

  • To remove Standard Pay in MYOB:

Go to Card File, Cards List and Employee. Select a staff member and then go to their Payroll Details tab. Click on Standard Pay and in the table, where you see Base Hourly and in the next column for Hours, you might see 38 or 76 hours. Double click the number and Delete and then click Ok.

Repeat this for all your Full Time, Part Time and Casual Staff.

In Tanda

Once you have approved all your timesheets and configured Tanda for your payroll, you can now export the timesheets to Xero.

In Timesheets click the Export to Payroll link:

You will be taken to the Timesheet Export Preview page. If there are any errors in your timesheets, this will be flagged so you can fix it in order to export the timesheet.

When you are ready to export click Export to Payroll Software:

If your MYOB Live connection with Tanda has been disconnected, you may be taken to the login screen to MYOB.

This is a two step process. First, log in to your MYOB account. Then, choose your MYOB business name and enter the login details for your company file. Leave the password field blank if you do not have a password for your company file.

You will then see a thinking bar showing that the timesheet is being sent to MYOB. Depending on how many timesheets you are sending, this can take a minute or so.

Once it has completed you will be taken to the following screen:

You can now go to MYOB and begin processing your payroll by going to Payroll > Process Payroll: 


If you did get an error with all of any of your timesheets, there will be a message to let you know what the error was.

  • Make sure that all your staff have employee IDs. These should match the employee Card IDs in MYOB. You can set these by going to Staff > My Team.
  • You may need to update to the latest version of MYOB AccountRight Live. - You need to update to a version of MYOB ARL that works with cloud timesheets. See and for more information on how to do so, or contact MYOB support.
  • Tried to apply wage categories (list) - ensure these are assigned to (name) in MYOB. - Before you can export timesheets with particular wage categories to a MYOB employee, you must ensure they can have these wage categories applied to their timesheets. In MYOB, go to your employee card list, open up the employee question, go to the wages tab and ensure the appropriate categories are ticked.
  • If you get an error while using AccountRight Live , try doing a text file export (using AccountRight Desktop) to see if you get the same error. If you don’t, it means your Live file might be taking a while to sync. Contact MYOB support if this is a recurring problem.

Re-exporting Timesheet

Once your timesheet is in MYOB, if you notice something wasn’t quite right you can either fix it up directly in MYOB in the payrun, otherwise you can delete and re-export from Tanda.

To do this, in MYOB go to Payroll and Enter Timesheet. Select the Employee from the drop down box and the relevant week(s) and at the bottom, click Clear Timesheet.

Back in Tanda, go to an individual employee’s Timesheet and click Export to…MYOB ARL to resend that one timesheet.

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