Tanda does not currently import staff data from QuickBooks automatically, but you can import the relevant data by following the steps below.

Export data from QuickBooks

  1. Choose the File menu, then the Utilities option.
  2. Choose the Export option, then the Lists to IIF files option.
  3. Choose to export an Employee List , then click OK. You will be able to choose a location to save this file on your computer.

See this support guide for more information.

Importing into Tanda

In Tanda, go to Workforce > Staff:

On the right, click on + Add Staff:

In the pop-up window select Import from > select Reckon/QuickBooks Desktop.

Follow the prompts to upload the report you exported from Reckon:

You’ll then be redirected back to Tanda, where you’ll see a progress indicator and once your staff have been imported you’ll see the list of them.

Setting Up Reckon to import from Tanda

Before you can export your timesheets to Reckon, you’ll need to enable timesheets in Reckon.

  1. In Reckon, go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Open the options for Time Tracking
  3. Open the company preferences tab and select “Yes”.

You will also need to enable pay cheque creation from timesheets for each employee.

Got to Employees > Edit Employee > Payroll and Compensation tab > Use time data to create paycheques.

If you don’t do this Reckon won’t know to look at the timesheet to create the payrun.

Exporting from Tanda

Once you have approved all your timesheets and configured Tanda for your payroll, you can now export the timesheets to Xero.

In Timesheets > Weekly > click the Export to Payroll link:

You will be taken to the Timesheet Export Preview page. If there are any errors in your timesheets, this will be flagged so you can fix it in order to export the timesheet.

When you are ready to export click Export to Payroll Software:

When you click the button, a file will be downloaded to your computer. The file has the extension .iif (“Intuit Interchange Format”) but is structured as a plain text file.

Important: By default Tanda will export the shift tag into the file. This is not necessary for many users and can create unnecessary difficulties with importing. You can disable this setting under Settings > Add ons in Tanda.

Importing into Reckon/QuickBooks

Before importing data into a Reckon system, you will need to ensure that payroll has been enabled. First, add the payroll menu item. Then, set up your employee payroll information. When adding employee data, ensure that your employee names match to your staff names in Tanda exactly.

Once you have set up your employees for payroll, you can import the timesheet data from the iif file. To do so, choose Import from either the File menu, or the Utilities submenu of the File menu.

You may be prompted to back up your company file before importing; do so. Finally, navigate to where you saved the iif file you downloaded from Tanda, and select this file. It will be imported into Reckon automatically.

If you need any further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or support@tanda.co 

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