You can check out this information guide for any specific instructions for using Ascender HCM in Tanda. For any specific Ascender questions it might be best to speak with your Account Manager first otherwise you can always ask Tanda on the details at the bottom of this article. 


Add Ascender to your Tanda account by going to Settings > Add-ons > Payroll & Accounting:

In the top right corner, click on + New Payroll Integration:

Click on Show more at the bottom and then select Ascender HCM:

Under the heading Ascender HCM Settings, add your Client ID. If you're not sure what this is, ask your Account Manager for your five character Client ID. Once this is entered, just click Save at the bottom.

Importing Staff

You can import your staff into Tanda by exporting the Rostering Download report from Ascender. 

In Ascender

In the Utilities menu, select Rostering Download. Check your Client ID populates in the Extract Rostering Interface File page and click OK. 

The file will download to your PC and should be in the C:\nps folder as below:

The File is named “ROST.[Client_id].0000” where [Client_id] is your payroll id. If you have any issues extracting this information, contact your Ascender Account Manager. 

Next you can use this file to import your staff into Tanda.

In Tanda

Go to Workforce > Staff:

On the right, click on + Add Staff:

In the pop-up window select Import from > select Ascender HCM.

Click on Choose File to select the file you exported from Ascender. Once you've added it just click the green Import Staff button: 

You’ll then be redirected back to Tanda, where you’ll see a progress indicator and once your staff have been imported you’ll see the list of them.

If you're currently going through the Setup Checklist, go onto the next step otherwise you might want to check what else you can do with Staff in Tanda. 

Payroll Configuration

  • The file that Tanda exports contains a Pay Component, an amount of Hours per Day and the Employee's ID.
  • A Pay Component is the same as an Export Name in Tanda, so within each Award Rule, Leave type or Allowance in Tanda, you must set the Export Name to the Pay Component from Ascender.
  • No dollar figure is included in the file export as pay rates are set in Ascender.
  • On each employee's profile on the Payroll tab, ensure they have their Ascender Employee ID entered:

This should have come across when you imported staff, but you might need to manually enter for new staff as you add them to Tanda. 

  • Job Codes and Job Tracking is not currently integrated
  • Leave balances are also not imported and live in Tanda.

Exporting Timesheets

Once you've approved all your Timesheets and you're ready to export, go to Timesheets > Weekly (check you're on the correct pay period) > click the Export to Payroll button: 

You'll then go through to the Timesheet Export Preview page. If there are any errors in your Timesheets, this will be flagged so you can fix before exporting. 

When you are ready to export click Export to Payroll Software again within the Preview page:

Once you have downloaded and saved the file, email it to Ascender Payroll processing as you normally would.

If you need any further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or 

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