If you want your staff to be able to notify you of their unavailability in Tanda, you can send them a link to their mobile via SMS that they can use to enter their unavailability.

First, you’ll just need to ensure you have the App enable. Go to Settings > General Settings and under the Rosters tab, ensure you have ticked Enable unavailability app for employees.

Send To All Staff

Go to Staff and My Team and on the right hand side of the page click on the Tools drop down menu and Send Tanda info to staff.

Select which employees you would like to send the SMS to and click Send Text Messages and select the Send Unavailability App option.

Send To One Staff Member

If you need to send the Unavailability App to just one staff member, you can do so using the same method. Navigate to Staff and My Team and then click on the relevant staff member’s name to go to their profile.

Click the envelope next to the Passcode to go to the Send Tanda Info to staff page:

You’ll see that one staff member selected from the list. To send the App, click the Send Text Messages button and select the Send Unavailability App option.

For Staff

To let staff know how you to use the App, you can direct them to this help article or print the attached guide for your staff.

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