Unavailability lets you tell your Manager when you want to request days and times that you can’t work, so they can keep it in mind when making the roster.

Your Manager will have to enable this option in Tanda. If they haven’t, you can send them the link to this article to setup it up first.

The first step will be that you will receive an SMS:

Click on the link at the bottom of the SMS (this is unique to you, so you can’t forward it on to your co-workers)

You will see a calendar and you can tap on the (+) sign to add a new request:

Tap on the date where you want to log this:

This will open a form where you are able to enter a reason, dates and times for when you are not available:

If you are unavailable on a specific day of the week, for example every Sunday, then you can log it as a repeating event. You can also log how many Sundays you will be unavailable.

In this example, it shows that the staff is unavailable every Sunday for 4 consecutive weeks:

If you’ll be unavailable on a specific day of the month, for example the 28th of every month, then you can log it as follows:

You can also set specific times that you are unavailable, just choose a start time and finish time. Otherwise you can also tick “all day” if you are unavailable the whole day.

Just keep in mind that Unavailability is a request and it’s not approved until the roster has been finalised.

If you need to cancel or edit a request, you can either let your Manager know or click on the Calendar on your existing request and make the relevant changes.

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