Unavailability can be applied for on the Time Clock or through the App. Your Manager will advise you on how they want to request this, as some features may be restricted and they will need to send you out an individual link to the App.

Difference between Leave & Unavailability:

  • Unavailability: enter the times you aren’t available to work through the unavailability calendar. Unavailability is managed in a shared calendar and does not need approval by managers. This is useful for things like university classes, school etc.
  • Leave: paid time for Annual or Personal leave for Salaried, Full Time and Part Time. These requests must be approved by Managers. Casual staff don't normally enter leave (although you may be asked to enter Unpaid leave), normally booking time off is done through unavailability. 

Time Clock

Enter your 4 digit passcode and down the bottom right select Leave/Unavailability. Ensure you're on the + Add Unavailability tab:

Enter the details and click Add Unavailability and this will go through to the Unavailability Calendar that your Manager can view in Tanda and will take this into consideration when building the roster.

If you're unsure of how to enter a repeating request, have a look at the examples below.

Unavailability App

The first step will be when you receive an SMS that your Manager has sent from Tanda: 

Click on the link at the bottom of the SMS (this is unique to you, so you can’t forward it on to your co-workers)

You will see a calendar and you can tap on the (+) sign to add a new request:

Tap on the date where you want to log this or begin:

This will open a form where you need to enter a reason, dates and times for when you are not available:

If you are unavailable on a specific day of the week, for example every Sunday, then you can log it as a repeating event. You can also log how many Sundays you will be unavailable for.

In this example, it shows that the staff member is unavailable every Sunday for 4 consecutive weeks from 12pm to 4pm:

You can also set specific times that you are unavailable, just choose a start time and finish time. Otherwise you can also tick “all day” if you are unavailable the whole day.

Just keep in mind that Unavailability is a request and it’s not approved until the roster has been finalised.

If you need to cancel or edit a request, you can either let your Manager know or click on the Calendar on your existing request and make the relevant changes.

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