Copy/Duplicate shift card

Once you have created a shift card, you may need to roster that person for the rest of the week.

To save time on creating a new roster card for each shift, you can just copy it.

On the shift card, click the pencil icon in the top right corner:

Click on Copy and a duplicate of that shift will be created below. You can then drag the second shift card to another day:

Alternatively, you can also use Keyboard Shortcuts:

If you hover over the shift card until you see the grab icon  Next press c or ctrl+c on your keyboard, then move to another day on the roster where you can enter a new shift and press v or ctrl+v to paste.

The new shift card will then be pasted in that blank shift area.

You can press v or ctrl+v on empty shift cards as many times as you like to continue pasting the copied shift.

Alternatively you can also hold down ctrl while dragging a shift to copy the shift.

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