Create a Shift On the Roster

From the Dashboard, navigate to Rosters and Current Roster.

To roster a shift, click in the Type a name box and start typing the name of the employee:

As you start typing, any staff that match those letters will show up. If the staff member you want is the first name, you can hit enter on the keyboard or keep typing until you can select the correct staff member. Alternatively you can use your mouse to click on that name to select it.

Next enter the start and finish time in the dashed boxes above the name. The start time is to be entered in the left hand box and the finish time in the right hand box.

When entering times

  • For morning (am) times, enter the time e.g. 7 or 730
  • For afternoon/pm times place a p at the end. So you would type 200p or put it in in 24hour time , eg 1400
  • For shifts that go into the early hours of the next day, place am at the end. So you would type 130am 

Further Reading: For more information on adding detail to your Roster, browse the Rostering help articles for more information


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