What to Do With Duplicate Staff Entries

Duplicate staff profiles may be created in Tanda in a few cases. To handle duplicate staff entries in Tanda follow the guide below.

Staff Added to Tanda before Xero or MYOB Live and Spelling or Email is Different

It's preferential to add a new staff member to Xero or MYOB Live first to avoid double handling of records and so staff details are consistent between the two systems. The record created in Xero or MYOB live will automatically import to Tanda within the hour and save you manually entering your staff.

Important: If you do need to add them to Tanda before setting up their profile in your payroll system, that's okay, but you need to ensure that the spelling of their name and email is identical in both systems. 

The two systems can be quite sensitive, here are some examples below of where a duplicate might occur:

Payroll: Chip Davis

Tanda: Chip DAVIS, Chippy Davis, Chip, Chip John Davis

Similarly, if in your Payroll you put the employee's personal email and then in Tanda their work email, the importing tool may not match the two records.

If you're using MYOB, it might be a good idea to use the Card ID function to make staff unique in Tanda. Have a read of the following article which lets you know how to do this.

Staff Manually Added Twice

If you have added a staff member and then added them again (or another staff member did), you'll need to delete one of them or merge them. 

How to Delete or Merge a Duplicate

If the staff member has been rostered on and clocked-in against only one of their staff profiles, then you can just delete the empty record. To do this click the Delete <staff members> profile button in the bottom right hand corner of their profile:

If you can't tell which profile has been used, you can check the roster by going to Staff and My Team and clicking on one of the record's to go to the profile.

Under the employee's name, click the View <staff member> drop down box and select Rosters.

If you see rostered shifts, then this profile has been used on the roster. If it's blank, then this profile hasn't been rostered.

You'll also want to check which profile has been used for clocking-in. You'll easily be able to tell this in the My Team page. 

The record with the clock-ins will have a picture next to their name, the other one will be blank, as below:

If both records have clock-ins or you're still unsure, let us know by emailing Support at support@tanda.co.

Include the staff member's name and our technical team will merge the two records together, to ensure nothing is lost.



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