Setting Up a Staff Member's Profile For Payroll

Depending on how your Payroll is integrated with Tanda, you may need to set up each staff member's profile individually to calculate how they are paid.

Go to Staff and My Team.

Click on a staff member's name to take you to their profile and then click on the Payroll tab.

Depending on how you have imported your staff into Tanda, some or all of this information might already be filled in.

If you're using a Tanda Managed Award Template, on the right hand side of the screen, you will be able to select the Award and how your staff member is classified under it.

If you have your own pay rules set up, then it will just be a case of setting a Base Hourly Rate on the left and selecting the appropriate Award tags on the right, under Award Classifications.

Finally, take a look over your staff member's Public Holiday settings to make sure an appropriate region is set. For more information on Public Holiday settings, take a look at this walkthrough

Click the Update Employee Details button at the bottom to save any changes you have made.

Further Reading: If you have your own pay rules set up and want to apply them to multiple staff, try using the bulk tagging tool to apply award tags to your staff, have a read of this help article from our help site for more information. 



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