Quick Start - Tanda for Managers

Now that your Manager has set you up with access to Tanda, you'll want to quickly know how to create your Roster and approve Timesheets:


You can get to your roster in Tanda via Rosters > Current Roster. To enter a shift, type in the name of the person you would like to roster, then enter their times:

When entering times, remember:

  • For morning (am) times, just enter the time. eg. 7 or 730
  • For afternoon/pm times place a p at the end. So you would type 530p or put it in in 24hour time 1730
  • For shifts that go into the early hours of the next day, place am at the end. So you would type 130am 

You can then continue to add other staff and set their shift times.

A quick way to copy shifts is to use keyboard shortcuts. Hover over the shift and press ctrl+c, then put your mouse over the blank shift and press ctrl+v to paste.

Another way to do this is by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner:

Next, you might also want to set break times. Under the pencil icon, click Add break

This takes you to the Day View screen, under the Break column enter the start and finish time of the break in the format below:

To get back to the Week view of the Roster, click on the date above, in this example where it shows Tues 15th and select Week View.

You will now see, when you hover the pause/break icon that a break time has been set. This will go through to the staff member when they receive their roster.

Alternatively, if your staff won't be clocking their breaks or taking a break at a specific time, your Manager will have set up Automated Breaks, which will deduct automatically from the Roster and Timesheet.

Have a read through some of our other help guides on how to add more detail to your Roster.  

When you have finished with the roster, you can send it out to staff. Click the Publish button to go to the next screen to confirm who you wish to send it to.


Approving Timesheets Daily

At the end of the day, once all your staff have clocked-out, in Tanda go to Timesheets > Daily:

Staff will be paid based on the times in the boxes, not their roster so it’s important to make sure those times are right. To fix an incorrect time, click the box and type the correct time.

Click the Tick at the end of the row for each Staff Member as you go, or click Approve All once you have finished to approve the Timesheets.


Approving Timesheets At the End of the Week

Go to Timesheets > Weekly. You’ll see a list of timesheets. Green timesheets are already approved.

For those that aren’t, click on them, and check that all the times are correct. You can make changes here just like in the Daily Timesheet. Once you have made your changes, click the Approve button at the bottom right.

Have a through some of our other guides on Timesheets for more information.


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