How to Change a Staff Member's Passcode

When importing Staff into Tanda, we automatically generate a 4 digit passcode that you staff can use to log in. If you need to change a staff members passcode from this assigned number you can do this in the staff members profile. 

If you imported your staff either through connecting your live payroll system or importing a file, the system should have generated everyone's passcodes as the last 4 digits of their mobile phone number (provided you have a mobile number for them in your payroll).

If you've manually added staff, the system will randomly generate a passcode.

If you want to change a passcode or a staff member has requested to change it, go to Staff and My Team:

Click on the relevant staff member to go their profile. In the Passcode field, delete or backspace to remove the existing passcode:

Then re-enter the new passcode:

Click the Update Employee Details button at the bottom to save:

Note: It may take the Time Clock approximately 5 minutes to sync the change of passcode. If you get an Invalid code notification while entering the new passcode, try restarting the Time Clock device. 

Further Reading: You can send out the new passcode for your staff via text or email, have a read of this article from our help resource for more information. 



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