How To View Your Roster Online (for Staff)

If your Manager has published your roster online in Tanda, then you can log straight in using your email address and password. If they haven't, refer them to this article to set you up.

In a browser (we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox) go to

On the login screen, enter your Email Address and Password.

Your Manager can check which email they have setup for you, most likely it will be your personal email that you receive your payslips to.

If they have given you a Password, enter it in this field, otherwise click Forgot my Password and then check your email for password reset advice.

Once you're logged in click on Rosters and;

  • Current Roster to view the current week
  • Browse Rosters to select a past or future week (just keep in mind that future rosters might not have been finalised and to always check with your manager before making plans. Generally a roster can has only been finalised once you have received it by SMS/Email)
  • My Roster to just see your shifts

You'll only be able to see the whole roster for department that you work in, so if you can't see an area of the roster that you need to, just let your Manager know and they can set you up to see this if it's approved.

On the left you can see some tags which you can use to filter the roster:

Click one of the boxes to only see these shifts on the roster.

Printing Your Roster

On the far right hand side, you'll see a print symbol:

Click on this to see your printing options:

  • As it appears on screen: the main view of the roster exactly as it is
  • Roster grouped by staff: prints everyone in alphabetical order
  • Roster grouped by role: alphabetical order of the role tags used on the roster. Example: the tags used in the filter example above, so when you print everyone that works in the Bar will display first, then Chef, then Glassy..
  • Roster by day: each day on a single page, in more detail

You can also print a copy of this guide if you need to, just click the link below.

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