Setup Staff to Access Tanda Online

If you want your Staff to access their account in Tanda to see Timesheets and Rosters you will need to ensure they're set up for this.

Go to Staff and My Team and click on your staff member to access their profile.

Check that they have an email address in the Email field, otherwise add one for them.

You don't need to set a password for each staff member as this is time consuming for you, instead when you let them know how to login, just tell staff to click "Forgot My Password" and they'll have an email send to them where they can setup their password from there.

Also ensure Able to log in to Tanda is ticked below the Password field, this ensures they can login online.

Click the Update Employee Details button at the bottom to save your changes.

Next, let staff know how to login. This is done by going to

When they login, staff will only be able to see the following:

Timesheets - View Timesheets: this will show all their timesheets that the staff member has in Tanda. They can click into an individual timesheet to see their clockins and they can also print if they need it for their own reporting purposes

Timesheets - Record Leave: relevant staff can put in for Annual or Sick leave online which will send this through to Tanda, ready for the Manager to approve or delete

Rosters - Staff can browse previous rosters, look at the full current roster or just view their roster. They can also print a copy for their own reference. Just keep in mind that if you're using Departments in Tanda, staff will only be able to see the roster for their Department. If you need them to see everything, you'll need to add them to the other Departments.

If at any point, you don't want staff to access Tanda online anymore, it's just a case of unticking "Able to login to Tanda" on their profile.

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