How to use Unavailability

Instead of using a desk calendar or staff request forms, staff can now let you know through Tanda when they want to request not to work or can't work due to other commitments. 

Unavailability is always turned on as a feature for Admins, Managers and Employees. If you want to disable this feature so that staff cannot request Unavailability, you just need to ensure the App is turned off in settings. Please ensure you do this before you send our your Tanda staff information to them, so that the link for the App does not get sent out.

In Tanda, go to Settings and General Settings. Under the Rosters tab, ensure you have unticked Enable unavailability app for employees:

If you would like to resend the Unavailability App link, simply go to Staff and My Team and then under the Tools menu, click Send Tanda info to staff:

Any staff with an Exclamation Mark next to their name has an email or phone number missing, if you click on the ! icon it will take you to their staff profile to check for missing details. If the exclamation mark is under the Teams heading, this usually means that a detail is missing such as which Team they are apart of for reporting purposes. 

When all your Staff have a mobile number, click the Send Text Messages drop down and select Send Unavailability App:

As your staff start putting in their requests, this will come through to the Unavailability Calendar. This is accessed under Rosters and Current Rosters, click on Tools and View staff unavailability:

In the example below we can see that Ken has University every Wednesday for June.

If the Admin or Manager wants to add their own or another staff's unavailability, they can do so by clicking Add Unavailability: 

When you go back to the Roster, if we look at Wednesday 22nd, we can see that Ken has actually been rostered on this day.

A warning has popped up on his shift card and when you click on the red flag, you will get a message to let you know what the warning is:

Just keep in mind to let your staff know that Unavailability is a request and it's not approved until the roster has been finalised.

You can still roster a staff member on if they have requested unavailability, it's just a reminder for you when doing the roster.

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