How to setup Templates or Copy the Roster

So you don't have to start again with your Roster every week, Tanda is able to provide a few different solutions to automating or speeding up this process: 


Copying the Roster automatically every week

If your Roster is the same week-in week-out, you can set Tanda to automatically apply it. Navigate to Settings, Notifications & Tasks and Scheduled Tasks:

Click to enable Copy Rosters to Next Week and it will copy it over at 9am the day before your Roster begins.

Copying the Roster to next week

Go to Rosters and Current Roster:

You will now see the Roster you have already built, if you haven't built your roster yet, have a read on how to create a roster

Under Tools, select Copy to next week. When you copy it over, anything in next weeks' roster will be replaced, so ensure it's blank:

You are also able to use filters to only copy over one Location or Team's roster. Simply tick the box on the left hand side for the Location or Team you would like to copy over, then select Tools and Copy to next week. 

For Department Managers, when they copy the roster, it will only copy their department over so they don't have to worry about writing over the rest of the roster. 

You can still make changes to the roster once you have copied it over, including swapping out staff, changing times and creating new shifts.


Still in your Current Roster, click on Templates and Save this roster as a template:

This will take you to the editing Templates screen:

By default the Template will be named after the week starting date of the Roster. To rename it, click on the date and type the name i.e Week 1 or Quiet Season etc

When you're ready to apply your Template, go to an empty Roster week and under Templates select the name of the Template and Apply:

This is where you can also Edit, Clone or Delete any existing Templates.

Just keep in mind that a Template applies to the whole Roster, so you can't have one Template called FOH and one called BOH as you can only apply one or the other, not both.

Tanda has the ability to add some more detail to your Roster, why not have a further read:

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