Where To See Your Staff In Tanda

Your staff list are viewed under Staff and My Team:

You'll then see a list of your staff in Tanda at present:

From left to right you will see the following:

Name - the name related to their account, which should be the same as your payroll system

ID - this will only applied if you have imported your staff from a desktop version of payroll and will be necessary to make the link between staff in Tanda and staff in your payroll system

Passcode - this is a 4 digit number automatically set my Tanda and what your staff will use to clock in and out on the Timeclock

Teams - shows you which teams the staff are members of 

Tags - the payroll tags relevant to each individual staff

Pay Rate - their pay rate 

Further Reading: If you would like to add staff to this list have a look at the how to import staff or how to add staff manually help guides for more information. 


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