Setting up Jobs in MYOB with Tanda

If you use Jobs in MYOB as part of your business, Tanda can send this information to MYOB with the timesheet. Tanda does this by creating your Jobs as Teams and then tagging this on the timesheet so when you export to MYOB, the information is sent over.

First you need to ensure you have Jobs setup in MYOB. This article from MYOB might be useful to have a read of first to ensure you have set it up correctly. 

In Tanda, the first step will be to decide how you want this information to display on the timesheet. There are four options:

  1. Time Clock - it will list the timeclock export name on the timesheet (if you would like this setup please contact to have this enabled)
  2. Team employee is in for reporting - this is best used if your staff work in multiple teams however you would like to report on one particular team the employee works in
  3. Team applied to roster - best for staff who work across different teams 
  4. Don't tag shifts automatically - best if you would like to manually choose which Teams should apply 

The setting is enabled under Settings and General Settings and the Timesheets tab:


Option 2 or 4: Teams

If you decide to tag your timesheet based on the Team employee is in for reporting purposes or the Team applied to the roster, you'll need to ensure you have Teams setup in Tanda.

Go to Staff and Team Setup and if you haven't yet set this up, you will first need to create a Location and then Add new team to that Location.

You will then be able to choose a Roster Colour for that team as well as add staff members to that team and a manager to that team. 

You'll notice you also have the option to set a Payroll Export Name. This is specifically related to if you are using Jobs in MYOB. If the Team name in Tanda is the same as the Job name in MYOB, you can leave the Payroll Export Name as blank.

If you have several different Teams in Tanda that all relate to the one Job in MYOB, you can use the same Payroll Export Name.


After staff have clocked out for the day, the tag box will now show the relevant Job so when you export at the end of the pay week, this information will be sent to MYOB and appear in the pay run:

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