Setting Up Your Sim Card Time Clock

Your Time Clock is all set up and ready to go. You just need to attach it to the wall and start clocking in!

Turning the Time Clock on

  1. The power button is located at the top right of the device, on the side, just above the volume button. Hold the power button until the screen flashes on.
  2. Test the Time Clock by entering your passcode and tapping “clock in”. The Time Clock will welcome you once you clock in.
  3. Login to with your details and on the Dashboard you will see your clockin. If you don’t see your clockin here after 5 minutes, there may be an issue with the sim card reception in your location. Contact Tanda Support at to let us know.

Attaching the Time Clock to the wall

  1. It’s important to put your Time Clock somewhere easy for everyone to remember to clock in and out and also within reach of a power point. If possible, try to keep it out of direct sunlight.
  2. Once you’ve selected a location, test a few different heights. Ideally both your shortest and tallest staff will be visible to the camera.
  3. Ensure that the surface which you are about to attach the Time Clock to is clean.
  4. Remove the backing from the velcro attached to the back of the device and slowly push the Time Clock into position onto the wall until all of the velcro has stuck firmly.
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