How to Roster in different views

When you first enter your Roster, under Rosters and Current Roster, you will see what's called Week View:

This is the default view for rostering with Tanda. There are several other views though, which you might find useful for also completing your roster:


Staff View

Click on the Views drop down box and select Staff:

This view allows you to see all your staff in alphabetical order, as well as how many hours in total you have rostered them on for the week. 

If you need to add a new shift card in the view, just double click in the empty box to add times and a Team.

You can still use the filters on the left to filter out certain Locations and Teams. 


Shifts View:

Click on the Views drop down box and select Shifts:

This allows you to break up your shifts in to Morning, Afternoon, Night and Double Shifts.

Tanda automatically assigns the shift time frames, but if you want to configure them to suit your business, under Tools, select Edit shifts groups:

You can then click to select the start and finish times, as well as create a new shift group:

Costs View:

Click on the Views drop down box and select Costs:

At the top left you will see the Total cost for the roster. Just below you can enter a Sales target for the week and Tanda will calculate the Percentage that wages will cost of this Sales target. You can also include a Fixed costs amount to add to your total, this could include cost of super or other business costs.

In the middle, you can view a breakdown of Costs by Day. You can also click on each date to view a further breakdown of how much each staff member is costing.

On the right is the total Costs by Staff for the week. Click on the arrow to see more detail on the award rules applying on their shifts. You can also click on the staff member's name takes you to their profile where you can check the pay rate entered on their payroll tab.


Award View:

Click on the Views drop down box and select Award:

If you have your staff configured through an Award Template or EBA in to their level and classification in Tanda, Award View will show you the breakdown across their shift of the different rules. This is especially useful for being aware of when penalty rates apply.


Day View:

Click on the Views drop down box and select one of the dates:

This will take you to all staff rostered on for that particular day. This view is good for having a look at the spread of shifts across the day, to ensure shifts are overlapping. You can also add in set break times.

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