Getting Started with Tanda and Kounta

Tanda and Kounta work together so you can collect the times your staff are working through your POS and turn it into useful payroll data. Tanda turns the shift start and ends (as well as breaks) from Kounta and uses this to compile timesheets. Tanda will also integrate directly with your payroll system. 

Before you start: 

  1. Make sure your staff have matching email addresses & names between Kounta & your accounting system. This is used as the unique ID for 3-way matching between Tanda/Kounta & your accounting system.
  2. You have imported your staff from your payroll system in to Tanda. Have a read of our guides on how to import staff. 

Next, in Kounta go to Add-ons and enable:

  • Tanda and
  • Time & Attendance


Connecting Tanda to Kounta:

In Tanda, in the header go to Settings and then Add-ons:

When you see Kounta, click on the name and select connect to your account:

You will be taken to the Kounta login screen where you will enter your Kounta login details. Once you have done this you will be directed back to Tanda:

Ensure, Import shifts from Kounta is ticked and then click to Update Settings at the bottom of the screen. 

You will also have noticed in this Add-on screen, if you are using a cloud based version of your payroll software, you will either be connected to Xero or MYOB ARL.

Have a read of the Kounta Time & Attendance guide on how to clock-in and out of Kounta

Contact if you get any errors you are unable to fix

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