Setting up Payroll in Tanda (Managed Award)

If you're on the Standard plan and you would like to take advantage of an award in Tanda to pay your staff, you can enable Award Management in Tanda. To select from a list of built awards, hover over the Payroll tab at the top and select Payroll Manager. 

Look through the offered awards under the Add an Award heading. If you don't see your Award listed in the list or you pay off an EBA, click the email us a copy link to let us know or send to

Once you find the appropriate award in the list, select Enable to apply the award. To set up staff on your newly selected award, click on the add staff to award link in the Staff Configuration row.

If you are using more than one Award, when you click the drop down box for each staff member you can select which Award they are on.

If you are just using one Award and everyone is on this Award, just click All staff are on the same award:

Next you will be able to select an Employment Type and Classification/Level for your staff:

Click the drop down boxes to make your selection and once you have completed this for all staff click the Apply button at the bottom. 

If you don't see a particular type or classification that you use, just email Some classifications in terms of trainees aren't automatically built in due to the complexity of some awards. Please make your onboarding consultant aware if this is the case. 

If you need to come back to this section at a later date as you need to clarify some information, you can always get back to it by going to Payroll and Payroll Manager and click in the red warning box that says some of your staff aren't classified:

Or it'll be in your Tasks on your Dashboard:

You can also select and update in the future the award on the staff member's individual profile


Next, you'll want to start checking how this applies on timesheets. Have a read of how to approve timesheets in Tanda.

The final step will be, once you're ready to do your first export from Tanda into your Payroll system, to a read on how to configure Tanda to match with your Payroll system.


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