Approving Timesheets in Tanda

As soon as your staff start clocking-in-and-out on the Time Clock, a timesheet is automatically created for them for you to review.

There are two different ways you can approve timesheets, depending on your prefered workflow.

Daily Timesheet: View staff shifts on a day by day basis

Weekly/Fortnightly Timesheets: View timesheets for the entire pay period

Tanda highly advises using the Daily Timesheet and approving timesheets at the end of the day, or start of the next day for the day before to streamline your payroll process.

Approving timesheets in the Daily View at close of business allows you to rectify any issues with staff clock-ins and view variances between the timesheets and roster for daily feedback on your wage cost. Make approving shifts on the Daily view part of your standard operating procedure to ensure the most efficient use of your time on payroll day. 

To view Timesheets in Tanda, go to Timesheets and either click on Daily or Weekly/Fortnightly:

Daily View


From the left, you will see:

  • Staff names: listed in alphabetical order
  • Shift tag (below name): tagged automatically or by clicking the drop down to select
  • Start time: the time in the box is the time the staff member will get paid from. The C: below the box is the clocked time and the R: the rostered time. If you have rounding applying you may notice that a staff member clocks in at 16:50 but the time in the box is 17:00. Check how rounding is applying in Settings
  • Unpaid Break Start and End time: if your staff are clocking their breaks, the clock-out and clock-in times will show here
  • End time: the clock out time that staff will be paid until. Depending on how you have applied rounding, this will either pay by the minute, or rounded to the rostered time. 
  • Total Break time: if you have an automated break setup in Settings, this will show the time being deducted from the staff member for this shift as unpaid break. 
  • Allowances: select manual allowances to be applied by clicking the drop down and entering the units to apply for that staff member. If the allowance is automatically applied, you can view this under View Timesheets in the Export Summary.
  • Shift cost: comparing actual vs roster cost and the variance
  • Approval button: once you are happy with the times, click the tick to approve the shift

Let's break this down in some examples below:

Row 1: Chip clocked in exactly at 5pm and was rostered at 5pm. He didn't clock a break and finished at 1am. The box is yellow to highlight this is an overnight shift. As he didn't clock his break, a 30 minute automated break has been applied as this account is configured to take a break after 6 hours so he has 30 minutes in his break column:

Row 2: Gil was on Annual Leave on this day. This was put in by going to Timesheets and Request Leave:

Row 3: Goose was rostered to start at 7pm, but his manager asked him to come in an hour early as they were busy. You don't have to update the roster as once the staff member clocks in, this becomes their start time.

Goose left without clocking out of his shift though, so he went to the Employee Portal and put in his missed clocked time when he got home. This box is red to show you this is an unverified time as it didn't come through the time clock.

Goose's row is also an orange colour, this is to highlight that the shift cost more than what you rostered. This is a flag to check, is this person meant to be paid more, and in this example, yes because the manager asked him to come in early:

Row 4: this shift has been approved, as the tick at the end of the row has been clicked:

It's just a case of going through each Staff Member's times and clicking the tick to approve at the end of the row or Approval All at the top.

Changing Times on Timesheet

You have full control over editing the Timesheet boxes, so if you need to change any of the times just click in the relevant box and type in what you want the time to be. 

If you need to take out a break time as they didn't take their automatic break, change the time to 0.


Under the shift tag you will notice a few different icons:

Camera: when you click on this it takes you to the Clock-in Stream, useful for checking the clock-in image

Speech box: click this to add a comment to this timesheet, useful for reminders or to alert other managers/admins to a note about this staff member's times.

Trash can: delete the timesheet or the leave from the timesheet

If you want to approve timesheets by each Staff Member, you can do this through Weekly/Fortnightly view:

Green rows indicate all shifts have been approved, white rows mean there are unapproved times for the staff member.

Click on a Staff Member's name to be taken to their hours for that pay period:

Similar to the Daily View, it's just a case of checking the times in the Timesheet box and updating as necessary. Once you are happy with the times, click Approve at the bottom of the Timesheet.

Just below this, the Timesheet Export Summary shows you the Award rules applying to this Timesheet, which you will want to check before exporting the Timesheets to your Payroll System.



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