Importing Staff from Xero

Setting up Xero to connect to Tanda

Before you can sync Tanda with Xero, you’ll need to configure a few things in your Xero account:

1. Your Xero organisation should be activated for Xero Payroll - this is only available to Australian organisations currently. You can enable Xero Payroll by clicking the Payroll tab in Xero and following the prompts. See Xero’s guide for more information.

2. Your user account must be a Payroll administrator. Go to Settings > General Settings > Users, choose your account, then check the Payroll Admin checkbox.

3. Ensure that you have created a Payroll Calendar in Xero. You can do this at Settings > Payroll Settings > Payroll Calendars. The calendar should match your Tanda timesheets.

4. Ensure each employee has a Payroll Calendar and default earnings rate. You can set these up at Payroll > Employees > (choose an employee) > Employment.

5. All staff have a mobile phone number and/or email address: you can use staff phone numbers and/or emails to send out their 4 digit password as well as the roster, so it's worth having it in XERO now so it can just import automatically.


Syncing staff with Xero

In Tanda, go to Staff and My Team and on the right click on Import from...and select Xero:

You'll then be redirected to the Xero login screen where you will need to enter your Email and Password that you would login to Xero with. Choose your Xero organisation and click Authorise:

You’ll then be redirected back to Tanda, where you’ll see a progress indicator and once your staff have been imported you'll see the list of them.

If you see any staff imported that shouldn't, you can delete them, have a read of this article on how to delete staff from Tanda. You might also want to set some of the staff up with access to Tanda, have a read on how to setup permissions in Tanda.

Contact if you get any errors you are unable to fix.

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