Getting Started with Tanda

Welcome to Tanda! Now you have signed up for an Account, you'll be wanting to get on with the setup. Below, we'll step you through each stage in the process and configure Tanda to automate your payroll. 

Getting Started Widget

When you login to Tanda the first screen you will land on is the DashboardAt the top you will see your Getting Started Widget. This will step you through the implementation process for Tanda. When you complete a step, the Getting Started widget will let you know what's next.

 Import your Staff

Tanda can import from a range of Payroll and Accounting software solutions including MYOB, Xero and Reckon just to name a few. Just click on the Import from drop down box in the Widget to select your Payroll System and follow the prompts.

If you get stuck, we have help guides for each payroll system in our help centre that will provide detailed information on how to import your staff into Tanda from your payroll system.

If you encounter any errors please contact and we'll give you a hand. 

Set up Locations & Teams

In Tanda you can create Locations and Teams which group staff members together for Reporting and building Rosters. 

You can set up Locations and Teams to reflect your business using the Create Locations & Teams button.

For more information about how Locations and Teams work in Tanda, and how you can update and mange them, please read our Locations and Teams help guide. 

Create your first Roster

Click the Start roster in the Widget to start building your Roster in Tanda.

You can watch the Roster Walkthrough to get a quick overview of how to create shifts.

Have a read of our introductory guides on rostering to get more out of using Rosters with Tanda. 

We can also build your first one for you if you send a copy to

Order your Time Clock

To request your Time Clock, you can click to Order your Time Clockor just enter the Quantity and click Request now in the Widget:

You can also click on the Order a Time Clock button within the Our Time Clocks Widget if you cannot access the Getting Started Widget.

At this stage if you haven't spoken to one of our Account Managers (they'll be in touch when you first sign up for the account), you'll need to give us a call so we can confirm your Account and organise for the Time Clock to be posted out. You can contact us on 1300 859 117 to do this.

You'll then be introduced to an Onboarding Consultant who will be your point of contact for integrating Tanda with your payroll system and assisting with any queries.

Apply Award

Select your Award from the drop down box in the Widget:

If you don’t see your Award listed here or pay off an Enterprise Agreement, let your Onboarding Consultant know who will guide you through the next steps. 

To configure the Award, just follow the prompts when you select the Award and click Apply rates. For more detailed instruction on what is involved with this step, have a read of our guides on payroll integration.

Start Clocking

As soon as your Time Clock arrives you can get your staff to start clocking-in.

The Getting Started Widget will provide some pointers for setting up the time clock, for more information have a look at the articles in our help centre.

Approving Timesheets

Once staff have started clocking-in, your Onboarding Consultant will receive an alert to be in touch to check the Payroll Integration is all setup.

In the meantime you can start approving times, just click on Approve timesheets in the Widget to go to the Daily Schedule:

Have a read of our guides on how to approve timesheets for a detailed step through on this.


Payroll Export

When the time comes to run your first export from Tanda, it’s best to book this in with your Onboarding Consultant. We’ll generally do a test with you before your payroll is normally processed, so the actual pay run day runs smoothly.  

There may be some setup required for your Payroll System and Tanda to talk to each other, so your Onboarding Consultant will help you with this. We also have help guides for each payroll system on how to export 

Help and Support

If at any point you need assistance, we’re here to help. Your Onboarding Consultant will have provided their direct contact details but if you’re ever not sure, you’ll see our contact details in the Getting Started Widget.

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