Staff Profile Overview

Staff profiles are accessed under Staff and My Team and clicking on the relevant staff member's name:

The first page you will see is the employee's Personal tab:

From the left of the screen, there following fields are:

  • View <staff member>: click this drop down box to go to specific areas in Tanda for this individual staff member, such as their timesheet or their rostered shifts. You can also view their individual clockins through the clock-in stream
  • Name: used to identify the team member throughout Tanda. You'll want to keep the spelling exactly as you have it in your payroll system, as some systems use the name to identify the user. 
  • Passcode: automatically generated 4 digit number, used by the employee to clock in. You can change this by clicking in the field and entering a new number. It may take the Time Clock a few minutes to update this. 
  • Phone Number: the staff member’s mobile number. This is the number used to contact this team member when sending a notification, such as their passcode initially and then the roster.
  • Photo: you can upload a photo of the staff member, which could be useful for people (such as finance) who may not otherwise recognise the staff member from their clock-ins. Otherwise, the first time the staff member clocksin, this copy will be saved to their profile. Once you have a photo, you can delete it, there will be an option to tick a box to delete the photo.
  • Email: the staff member's email address. This can be personal, for sending the roster or a work email if the staff member is using Tanda and will be logging in with this. 
  • Password: the staff member's password used to login to Tanda. You can set a password for them, but to save time, send them to reset their password themselves and an email will be sent to them to set it up.
  • Able to log in to Tanda: this determines if the staff member is able to log in to the Tanda website. Once logged in they will be able to see their timesheets, as well as perform other tasks depending on their permissions.

On the right hand side of the Personal profile, you'll see the following fields:

  • Member of Teams: if you have Teams setup in Tanda for your business (under Staff > Team Setup), you will be able to select which Teams the staff member works in. You can select as many you as like, just keep clicking in the box and the teams will drop down for you to choose from.
  • For reporting purposes, is a member of: if a staff member works in numerous teams, but their entire wage is allocated to one area, you can select which team and you will be able to report accurately on this. The relevant report to use is Reports > Cost Reports > Costs by Team.
  • Preferred weekly hours for rostering: if you have a minimum or maximum amount of time a particular staff member can work, you can enter this number in this field and then if you exceed or go below on the roster a reminder will pop up. You can still leave their roster as is, it's just a reminder.
  • Permissions: level of authorisation that the staff member has to see areas of Tanda. These are explained in further detail in this guide

Next, we'll look at the Payroll tab, which is accessed by clicking on this option, next to Personal tab:

  • Employee ID: this is used to identify the team member when working with certain accounting packages, such as MYOB. This is how the employee is linked between the two systems. If you don't see this ID and you have imported from MYOB, please try importing again or contact us on
  • Date of Birth: this is used to interpret awards and so Tanda can remind you when this person's birthday is.
  • Employment Start Date: this is used under some awards. It can also be used so Tanda can remind you when their anniversary is.
  • Base Hourly Rate: if you are using a Tanda managed award, you'll set the rate based on the type and level on the right. If they are paid above award, you'll want to enter the rate in the Base Hourly field, as well as if you're not using a Tanda managed award. This is used to cost the roster and timesheets.
  • Annual Salary: the salary the employee is paid per annum. This is used for calculations such as the cost of the employee’s shift in a timesheet. 
  • Part Time Fixed Hours: if your staff member is part time, this is where you enter what their contracted hours are, either weekly or fortnightly. That way, the system knows when to calculate overtime.
  • Overtime averaging period: if you're setup as say fortnightly pay, but you have a staff member whose overtime is calculated weekly, you can set this in their profile and then build some award rules around this.
  • Award/Employment Type/Classification/Allowance and Penalties: select all the fields so the staff member is setup to be paid correctly. You can then view the relevant rates below to check this is correct
  • Public Holidays: the public holiday region applied to the staff member, this will determine which days public holiday pay or leave applies on.

On both tabs you'll notice two buttons at the bottom:

Always click Update Employee Details when you have made a change to a staff member's profile, this is your save button!

If your staff member leaves, once you have exported their final timesheet, click Deactivate in their profile to remove them from your Active Staff.

You'll still be able to see that staff member on previous rosters, timesheets and in reports as they just sit as inactive in Tanda.

If they ever return to work for you, save adding them again, just go to Staff > Tools and click Former staff. 

Click on the staff name name and click Reactivate profile at the bottom.


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