Your staff can have access to Tanda in 3 different ways:

1 The Tanda Time clock

The Tanda Time clock will be stuck on the wall in your business. You and your staff can clock in/out for shifts. Staff can also apply for leave & unavailability (this feature is optional).

2 Tanda Online

Just like Facebook or Twitter, Tanda is software accessible through the web browser. You and your staff can login to Tanda to view your rosters, timesheets, leave etc.

Tanda Online Login

3 The Tanda Staff Portal

Depending your the preference of your business, you may wish to restrict staff from logging in to Tanda Online. If you decide to do this, you can still allow your staff to amend timesheets and apply for leave through the staff portal.

The Tanda Staff Portal

To view and manage the staff in your business navigate to Staff > My Team. Here you will see a list of all staff you can manage (this might be only a portion of the total staff in your business). This means they have been added to teams that you are the manager of, this setup is completed by Admin users.

On the My Team page you will see an overview of your staff’s details including their ID, Passcode, Assigned Teams etc.

If you click into a staff members individual profile you will find all of their personal and payroll information which you can make changes. For more information on this please visit staff profile overview.


To manage teams in your business, navigate to Staff > Team Setup page.

On this page you will only see the locations and teams that you manage. As a manager, you can add new teams and edit the details of existing ones.

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