Staff can request time-off through Tanda in two ways:

  1. Leave: enter the hours/days you wish to have off from work. These requests must be approved by managers. It is important for salaried staff to enter their leave so that it can be paid correctly. For part-time and casual staff it is also advised that you enter leave so that managers can roster correctly and keep track of staff.
  2. Unavailability: enter the times you aren’t available to work through the unavailability calendar. Unavailability is managed in a shared calendar and does not need approval by managers. This is useful for things like university classes, school etc.


There are two ways that you can apply for leave through Tanda. Your manager will direct you whether to apply for leave using the Staff Portal, Tanda Online or both. You can send your Manager this link to a guide if they are unsure.

To submit leave through the staff portal simply visit login using your phone number and passcode.

Select the Request Leave tab from the top of the page. Fill out the details and click Request Leave.

This request will be sent to your managers where they can approve or decline it. You will be notified via email of the outcome.

To submit leave through Tanda Online login here, visit the Leave page and submit your request.

You can read a full overview of how to submit staff leave in the article below:

 How to apply for leave online


To submit unavailability, you will first need your manager to enable the option in Tanda. If they haven’t, you can send them this link to setup it up first.

Once they do this, you will receive a text message containing the link to the unavailability calendar. Simply enter the times you can’t work and this will be updated in Tanda for your manager to see.

 How to submit unavailability

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