Add staff to Tanda

Before you can really start exploring what Tanda can do it’s important to have your staff added to your account. 

You should already have a few staff added after completing the setup window. You can add the rest of your staff by navigating to the my team page. 

Here you can create staff profiles one-by-one or import them directly from your payroll software in minutes.

Setup your Time Clock

The next step is to get your time clock setup so your staff can start clocking in and out. 

You can set up your time clock on an iPad or android tablet by downloading our free app from the app store. 

Or You can use our browser based time clock by visiting

Let your staff know their passcode

The final step is to let your staff know their passcode so they can start clocking in. On the My Team page you will see each staff member's passcode listed next to their name. This is the code they will use to clock in and out on the time clock.

You can send staff their passcodes by email or text via the tools menu on this page. Click the Send passcodes to staff  link.

Choose how you wish to send the welcome message, then choose which staff to notify. If you aren't ready to send this out to all staff yet just start by sending it to a few. The welcome email will introduce Tanda to staff, include their passcode and include the link to the unavailability app (assuming you have that option turned on in settings.

By this point you should have staff in Tanda, have a time clock setup and have sent passcodes out to staff. Now you are ready to start recording time and attendance!

Feel free to clock in and out a few times using your own passcode just to see how things work. You will see a live clock in feed appear on your dashboard and as well as this timesheets will be automatically created with the clock in data ready to be approved.

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