You've almost finished configuring your Tanda account, so it's time to get your Time Clock setup and staff ready to clock-in. In the Setup Checklist, click Get time clock app: 

You can use the Time Clock on an iPad or Android device, on Desktop or Web Browser. Tanda can also lease you one of our Android devices.

Setup Time Clock

Click on the relevant tab and Tanda will step you through how to download the Time Clock and configure it to your account:

Send out Passcodes

Next, you'll need to let staff know their passcodes. Under Workforce > Staff, you will see each employee's passcode listed next to their name. This is the code they will use to clock in and out on the Time Clock:

You can send staff their passcodes by Email or SMS via the Tools menu on this page:

Select how you want to send the Passcodes out - Email or SMS or both by clicking on the relevant options:

Then choose which staff to notify:

The welcome email will let Staff know their passcode and information on Tanda. 

If you don't want staff to receive Leave/Unavailability information, just turn this off in the Settings before sending out the Welcome message. This is located under the Rosters and Leave tabs in General Settings. 

When you're ready, just click the green Send info to staff button.

Feel free to clock in and out a few times using your own passcode just to see how things work. 

You will see a live clock in feed appear on your Dashboard and timesheets will be automatically created with the clock in data ready to be approved.

Next, we'll have a look at the final step of configuring payroll software

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