Now that staff have started clocking in, the final step in setup is to get your payroll configured in Tanda, ready for your first export.

In the Setup Checklist, click Configure payroll to go to the Payroll Manager:

Add Award

Select from the list and enable the relevant award: 

If you don't see the award that you pay your staff under in the list, scroll to the bottom of the page for your next steps.

Add Staff 

Once the award is enabled, you'll need to add your staff to the award by clicking the green Add staff to award button in the top-right of the screen:

Click the drop down next to each employee's name to select the award that applies to them, if they're all on the same award, just click the white All staff are on the same award button at the top:

Next, select staff Employment Type and Classification/Level:

Once all you have categorised your staff, click on Manage:

Payroll Integration

Now you're ready to create the Managed Award in your Payroll/Accounting system. Depending on the system you use, Tanda will automatically create new payroll categories/pay items and update Base Rates. Click to connect this process:

You may see a configuration report instead, click to download the information to create the relevant information in your Payroll/Accounting System.

Approving Timesheets

Under Timesheets > Weekly (or Fortnightly), ensure all your timesheets are green to indicate they have been approved:

To approve a timesheet, click on an employee's name. Check their hours are correct and you agree with the Timesheet Export Summary at the bottom and click Approve All:

If you do need to change any Start, Finish or Break Times, just click in the relevant box and enter the adjusted time. If you get stuck on anything in Timesheets, just have a look in our Timesheets help section.

Export to Payroll

Click the green Export to Payroll button in the top right of the relevant pay period:

Check if there are any errors in your Export Preview and then click the Export to Payroll Software button again.

If you're exporting to a live system, you'll receive a report to let you know if your timesheets went through successfully.

For other systems, you'll download a file to then import into your system. Have a look at our Help Articles on Exporting for further instructions. 

If you encounter any issues during this, please contact our Support Team at

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