The Time Clock App can run on various different devices. The first step is to figure out where you would like the Time Clock to run - this can be on a tablet, on your computer or in a browser, we can also lease you a tablet. We recommend having a dedicated device to run the App so your staff are able to clock in and out with no disruptions. 

Add a Time Clock

To add a Time Clock to your account, go to the New Time Clock page in Tanda. 

You can access this by going to Settings in the top right corner > Our Time Clocks > click on the green New Time Clock button:

Or if you're in the Dashboard, in the Our Time Clocks widget, click on the blue plus icon next to the heading or the Manage button just to the right of this:

Only Admin permission users will have access to this, so if you have Team Managers adding Time Clocks and need a setup code, you will need to generate this for them. This can be done within the Time Clock setup mentioned below.

Choose your Device

Click on the tab for the Time Clock you want to setup and then follow the instructions:

For Android, we recommend using either a Samsung Tab A or B has our testing has found these devices are the best value for money in regards to reliability and lifespan. 

If you're running in your Web Browser, we recommend Chrome or Safari. 

Setup Device

Tablets we provide will arrive already linked with your account, but if you're using your own device, once you have downloaded the App, click on I have an Account and then use the unique Setup Code in the Setup your Time Clock page that you were in before. 

You can get back here by clicking on the blue plus icon in the Our Time Clocks widget on the Dashboard:

If you're adding new Time Clocks, we recommend coming back in here to check the setup code as it might have refreshed since the last time you used it. As mentioned above, only Admins can see this code, but you can just let a Team Manager know what the number is to link a Time Clock to.

Next, give your Time Clock a Nickname and assign it to one of your Locations. This will help you identify exactly where staff have clocked in or out.

Now your setup is complete, click on Start clocking in to go to the Time Clock. 


To let staff know their 4 digit Passcode for the Time Clock, have a look at the following article


Check out on the Dashboard where the Time Clock feeds through to by having a look at the Who's in Today and Live Time Clock Feed widgets

Admins also have access to the Our Time Clocks widget mentioned above, this is important to monitor the status of the Time Clocks in your account as only an Online Time Clock can send through clock-in data to Timesheets.

If your Time Clock isn't being used it might show as orange (as in the example above), that's okay provided no one is using it, however if it shows as Offline then you need to look at whether it is switched off or has been disconnected. 

Have a read of the Time Clock Troubleshooting article if your Time Clock is Offline.

Manage Time Clocks

In the Our Time Clocks widget click on Manage in the top right corner or go to Settings > Our Time Clocks:

The Our Time Clocks screen shows you any active or inactive Time Clocks linked to your account. 

Here you can also update the Nickname or Location of a Time Clock by simply clicking on it’s and making changes.

Delete Time Clock

If you need to delete or have returned a Time Clock and no longer want it to show in your account, change the Nickname to Delete and then message Tanda Support on the details at the bottom.


Have a look at our articles in our Troubleshooting section or contact Tanda Support. 

If you would like further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or 

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