Now you're up to getting your Time Clock setup. 

On your Dashboard, in the Setup Checklist, click Get time clock app or Settings > Our Time Clocks in the top right corner of the header:

You can use the Time Clock on an iPad or Android device, on a Desktop or a Web Browser. Tanda can also lease you one of our Android devices.

Setup Time Clock

Click on the relevant tab and follows the steps on screen:

If you forget your setup code or need to add another Time Clock in the future, just return here by clicking on Settings > Our Time Clocks.

Welcome staff to Tanda

Next, you'll want to let staff know their Passcodes and how to download the Employee App. Go to Workforce > Staff and you'll see each employee's Passcode listed next to their name:

Note: If an employee was imported into Tanda with their mobile phone number, Tanda will make their Passcode the last 4 digits of their mobile by default, to make it easy to remember!

To send out the Welcome Message, click on the Tools menu on the right side of the page and select Invite Staff:

Note: the function to allow staff to enter their own Leave and Unavailability is turned on by default in your account. If you don't want staff to be able to access this, you'll want to disable it before you send out the Welcome Message. You can check out how to do this in the following article.

Welcome Message

1. Select how you want to send the message out - Email or SMS or both by clicking on the relevant options to ensure there's a blue tick in the applicable boxes:

2. Choose which staff to notify by clicking Select All at the top for everyone or placing a tick next to the relevant staff:

Note: Staff with an exclamation mark are missing either an Email or Phone Number so won't have that option sent to them. You can click on the icon to go to their profile to fix this up though and then return back again by going to Workforce > Staff > Tools > Invite Staff.

3. Click the green Invite your staff button:

Feel free to use your own Passcode to clock-in and clock-out a few times to see how things work. Once staff begin to clock-in you can watch the progress on the Dashboard in the Live Time Clock Feed:

Sending out the Roster

If you haven't sent out your Roster that you built in the last step, now that you have sent out the Welcome Message, it might be a good time to send it out. To do this, go to Rosters > Current Roster > Publish Shifts.


At this point, it may also be a good time to check the General Settings that apply to your account, if you haven't already. Of particular importance is the Timesheet settings around rounding of clock-ins. 

In your account this is configured by going to Settings > General Settings > selecting from the tabs at the top:

Each setting will either have an explanation as to how it works, a tool tip, or you can also have a further read of the General Settings articles.


Once staff have clocked a full shift you can start approving their Timesheets. Tanda's Best Practice approach is to approve shifts daily, however both Daily and Weekly/Fortnightly are located under Timesheets in the header:

Note: Weekly may read as Fortnightly, if you selected this when you opened your account.

Approve Shifts

Select Timesheets > Daily and you'll land on the current day and a list of all your staff who have been rostered or clocked-in on that day.

To approve a Shift, check you are happy with the Start, Finish and Break Times for the first employee. If you need to edit any of the times, just click in the relevant box and type the new time. If an employee forgot to clock-in or out you can enter the time yourself or we'll go through in the next Get Started how to send out reminders to staff. 

Other features:

  • The Team selected on the Roster will display below the employee's name
  • The C: below the times is from the Time Clock and the R: is the Rostered time
  • The Break Total is the amount deducted from the worked time as it is an unpaid break
  • Extra functionality such as adding leave or a comment is located in the icons on the far right of the shift box

When you're happy with the shift, just click Approve on the far end of the shift row. 

The shift will then disappear, this is because the filter is set by default to only show Pending shifts to make your approval process easier. If you do want to bring All shifts back or view Approved shifts just click the Filter options in the top right of the page:

Continue down the list until you have approved all shifts for the day. To switch between days in Daily Timesheets, just click the relevant arrows in the date picker at the top left of the screen:

For further functionality with Timesheets, just check out the Timesheets section of the Help Centre. There may also be some additional tasks you need to complete as part of approving shifts, have a look at the next Get Started by clicking the payroll link below. 

If you do want to approve your Timesheets at the end of the pay period, we'll go through this in the final step, where we'll also look at configuring payroll.

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