To allow staff access to more functionality in Tanda or to restrict access, you can set their permission level in Tanda.

Go to Workforce > Staff:

Click on the relevant staff member’s name to go to their profile:

Permissions are enabled in the bottom right hand corner of the profile:

Admin Permission

Tick the Admin box to enable this employee to have access to everything in Tanda Only Admins can see enable Permissions in the profile page, so only an Admin can assign another employee access to My Tanda.

If your Admin won’t be using the Time Clock or being rostered on, untick the Employee box, otherwise leave as both ticked.

If someone is ticked as an Admin, you don’t have to tick any of the other options i.e Payroll Officer, Manager of teams as Admin overrules any other permissions.

Payroll Officer Permission

Payroll Officer permission is best for your Accountant, Bookkeeper or Finance Team. They have access to:

  • Add, Delete and Restore Staff
  • Send Passcodes to Staff
  • Edit Staff Profile including Payroll tab
  • Approve and Export Timesheets
  • Record, Approve and Delete Leave Requests and add new Leave types
  • Enable and configure Awards
  • View Reports

They don't have access to, adding/deleting Locations & Teams, Rosters (except View and Print), Settings, Accounts and Add-ons. If you want your employee to have access to adding or removing Payroll & Accounting Systems, you'll need to make them an Admin. 

Additionally, if you only want a Payroll Officer to see one Team, just tick Payroll and Team Manager and select the Team.

General Manager Permission

General Manager is used if you have a Manager that oversees Rosters and Timesheets across all Teams and setting up the Payroll information for new staff. It's also useful if you have some Managers that you want to limit their access, you would make them Team Managers and the others with greater access would be General Managers.

They have access to:

  • Dashboard including Costs but not Time Clock status
  • All Staff functions except adding Permissions
  • All Roster functions except locking roster (only Admins can do this)
  • All Timesheet and Time Off functions except creating new leave types
  • Reports

They won't have access to Payroll, Settings, Accounts and Add-ons. You don't need to set which Teams General Managers can access as they can view all Staff. 

Team Manager Permission

To enable, click the Team Manager box and then select the Teams they can view staff for. If you can't see any options here, you haven't setup your Teams, you can do this by going to Workforce > Teams and you can also checkout this article

You can apply some restrictions to Team Managers by going to  Settings > General Setting and clicking on the Timesheets tab. Underneath of Permission:

For more information on this Setting, have a look at the Managers Settings article. If you make any changes, just click Update Settings at the bottom and then return back to the employee's profile.

Team Managers have access to:

  • Add employee manually and assign to own Team(s)
  • Send out Passcodes
  • Delete staff
  • Create and send out Roster (if enabled in Settings)
  • Approve Timesheets and Leave
  • View Reports if Costs is enabled in Managers Settings

They don't have access to creating Locations, locking Roster, deleting Timesheets, creating Leave Types, Payroll, Settings, Accounts and Add-ons. They also won't see the Payroll tab on the employee's profile or any Dollar/Cost amounts if Costs is turned off in Settings. 

You'll also need to be careful or decide on an organisational policy for Team Managers adding new employees as they can only add staff to their Team(s), so if the new employee also works in another Team, the Admin on the account will need to add this to the employee's profile. 

Employee Permission

All staff are set as Employees by default which enables them to be rostered, use the Time Clock and download the Employee App. You can also give staff access to the Portal and to login to My Tanda.

My Tanda

To allow an employee access to My Tanda, just ensure they have Enabled Tanda login ticked in their Permissions:

You can then invite them to login, to view the whole Roster, their Timesheet and apply for Leave/Unavailability. 


The Portal enables staff to enter missed clock-ins and apply for Leave. The Portal is turned off/on in General Settings > Time Off > Employees tabs. Ticking Employees can add times to their own timesheets allows access the Portal. 

If you want staff to access the Portal for missed clock-ins but not to enter Leave, on the Time Off tab in General Settings, untick Allow employees to enter leave requests.

A Quick Note on Billing: Generally, billing is based upon number of employees using Tanda. If you are an Admin and will not be clocking in and out, unticking Employee permissions will remove your account from billing.

If you would like further assistance please contact Tanda Support by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner, on 1300 859 117 or 

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