Once you've signed up to Tanda, you can get your account set up to suit your business with the help of the Setup Checklist.

The checklist is located on the Dashboard, which is the first screen you see when you login to your account. You'll see the steps within the What Should I Work On widget, in the top-left of your screen.

Setup Checklist in Tanda

Get Started

To begin, click on one of the items to go to that section in Tanda. It's recommended to follow the order of the Checklist, but you're not going to break anything if you don't.

When you've finished each step, click on Dashboard in the header to return and select your next step:


We've put together detailed instructions on each of the steps, so just click the links below to get further information:

Don't forget to also check out Reports in Tanda and General Settings for extra functionality! We also have dedicated articles for Team Managers & Staff.

Finished setup

When you've completed your setup, you'll see all the steps have been marked as Complete. 

If you don't want this widget to display any longer, just click Hide this tab forever, and you'll only see the Task List:

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