Before you're ready to export your first payrun from Tanda, you'll need to get your integration setup.

On the Dashboard, in the Setup Checklist, click Configure payroll or click on Payroll > Payroll Manager in the header:

Choosing your Award

Under Apply an Award, you'll see a list of Award names that Tanda currently have a Managed Award Template for. What this means is that the Rates, Award Rules and Allowances are created, managed and updated by Tanda's Awards Team. You can still pay staff above the award rate, but all other considerations are set as per the award.

If you don't see your Award listed, you pay off an EBA or you pay flat rates, you will need to be in touch with Tanda to discuss our custom build options. You can contact us initially on the details at the bottom of this article and a Sales or Awards consultant will then be in touch. 

Alternatively, if you have very simple pay rules, you can try building your own rules

If you're not certain which Award you should be paying Staff under, we advise contacting Fair Work to check. You can either use their Award Finder or give them a call.  

Add Award

To apply a Managed Award Template to your account, at the end of the row where your Award name is listed, click Enable:

At this point, if you have more than one Award for your business, click on Payroll > Payroll Manager and repeat the same step by clicking Enable next to the relevant Award. Repeat this process for all the Awards you need to apply. If you have some staff on the Managed Award Template and others on Custom Rules, we'll show you how to configure this next.

Add Staff 

If you only have one Award, you should be in the Manage Award page, where you can just click the green Add staff to award button. Otherwise if you have more than one Award, in the Payroll > Payroll Manager page > click the blue Add Staff button next to one of your Active Awards:

To categorise staff in the one award, just click the white All staff are on the same award button at the top and the Award will automatically populate next to each employee:

To select between different Awards or Custom Rules, click the Choose an award drop-down next to each employee and select the relevant option:

Assign Staff Classifications and Levels

Next, you'll need to select which Employment Type and Classification/Level staff are employed under in the Award. If you're not sure, at the top of the page is a link to Fair Work which lists common job roles for each level that you can check against, or you can contact Fair Work.

To assign, just click the drop-down and select the option for the two columns:

  • Salaried staff will just be assigned to the Salaried Employment Type but won't have a Level. It's important to still classify Salaried staff on the Award as this lets the system know not to export a Timesheet for this employee, as they'll have a Pay Template setup in your Payroll & Accounting system.
  • If you can't see a Classification or Level type that you need to apply, some Awards have hundreds of sub-levels so it might not be listed. Just select the Type for now and leave the Classification empty and you'll need to contact Support on the details at the bottom. They can either advise which level to select or how to create the level.  

When you've finished setting all your staff, just click the green Apply button at the bottom.

Other Payroll 

There may be some other features that you need as part of your Payroll Integration:

For anything else, please just contact Tanda Support on the details at the bottom of the article for assistance or advice.

Payroll Integration

This is the final step when you're ready to use Tanda for your first payrun. When you sync your system to Tanda, new Payroll Categories or Pay Items will be created from the Managed Award Template and Base Rates will be updated for Casual staff, ready for your Timesheets to be exported.

To complete the integration, in Payroll > Payroll Manager > click on the relevant Award > click Connect payroll systems and start syncing automatically:

If you're using a Payroll & Accounting system that doesn't have a live connection available, you'll notice a configuration report button in this place. Just click on the button to open a report which shows you the Pay Items and Rates to create and update in your system:

Configuring Leave & Public Holidays

At this point, you should check how Leave is configured in your account so the correct staff can apply for Leave and it is linked with your Payroll & Accounting system when you export your Timesheets. You should also set up how you want Tanda to handle Public Holidays. 


In the last Get Started article, we went through how to approve Timesheets Daily. Below, we'll go through how to export your Timesheets if they're already approved or how to approve Timesheets for the pay period.

Go to Timesheets > Weekly (Fortnightly):

You'll also need to go here to export your Timesheets at the end of the pay period. If you've been approving shifts daily, your Timesheets might look like this:

When all staff are showing in green, it means their Timesheet is approved and ready to export

You can go ahead and click the Export to Payroll button in the top right corner and skip to the information on Exporting Timesheets below Approving Weekly:

Approving Weekly

To approve a Timesheet in Weekly view, click on the employee's name:

For the first shift, check you are happy with the Start, Finish and Break Times. If you need to edit any of the times, just click in the relevant box and type the new time.

Other features:

  • The Team selected on the Roster will display below the employee's name
  • The C: below the times is from the Time Clock and the R: is the Rostered time
  • The Break Total is the amount deducted from the worked time as it is an unpaid break
  • Extra functionality such as adding leave or a comment is located in the icons on the far right of the shift box

When you're happy with the shift, just click Approve on the far end of the shift row. Continue down the list of shifts or to approve every shift just click Approve All at the top or bottom of the timesheet:

  • If you place a tick in the and go to next before you click Approve All, once you click Approve All it will then take you to the next employee's timesheet. 
  • Send Reminder: if an employee forgot to clock-in or out, you can send them an SMS or Email reminder which includes a link for them to fill in their times. Alternatively you can just enter missing times manually yourself. 

At the bottom of each timesheet, you'll see the Timesheet Export Summary. You should check this for accuracy before exporting however you can also check it in bulk in the Export Preview before you send your timesheets, which we'll take you through next.

Export Timesheets

Once all your Timesheets are showing as green, click Export to Payroll in the top right corner:

In the Timesheet Export Preview, click on each employee's name to see how the Award is applying, including the rules, hours, base hourly rate and gross wage:

If something isn't right, go to the employee's profile under Workforce > Staff to edit their Payroll tab or click on Edit timesheet, just above the Cost column. To edit any times, you'll need to unapprove the shift first.

When you're happy with everyone, click Export to Payroll Software again at the top:

You can also produce an Excel Summary export by clicking the button next to Export. 

Export Confirmation

If you're exporting to a Live system, once your Timesheets have been sent through, you'll receive a confirmation. Just remember Salaried staff won't have a Timesheet exported. 

Check for any errors and if there are any Timesheets that didn't export, check below the Results confirmation for the employee name and the error code:

There will be a message with information next to the error to help you solve why this occurred. Some systems have further help articles on how to fix the issue which is located in our Integrations section. 

For other systems, you'll need to download a file to import into your Payroll & Accounting system. You can check our these articles also in the Integrations help section. 

Payroll & Accounting system

In your system, you would go through the payrun as normal and send out your payslips. There may a little change in how your payslips read, if you're on the Managed Template Award. This is necessary for Tanda to apply updates to the Award. 

Revenue & Reporting

From here, you can check out Reports in Tanda and add your POS or Revenue data. 

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