One of the greatest benefits of being on one of Tanda’s Managed Awards is that we keep your award rules up to date and compliant. There are two kinds of updates that can be made to Managed Awards.

  • Regular updates occur from time to time based on changes made by Fair Work Australia to an Award over the course of the year.
  • July 1 updates happen at the End of Financial Year, and involve updating the minimum wages of all staff based on the national minimum wage review.

Regular Award Updates

While using Tanda, an alert comes up when there is an update available to one of your Tanda managed awards. These updates become available for a variety of reasons - generally because there has been a change to the award made by Fair Work Australia.

To update your award, just click the blue button and follow the prompts. The award data will first update in Tanda. All staff pay rates will be updated as will allowance costs and overtime multiplier rules.

Once the award has updated inside Tanda, you’ll be able to update your payroll system. If you use Xero or MYOB AccountRight Live, Tanda will update it automatically. For other systems, you’ll see a report of changes you need to make.

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